In 2004, THE2NDHAND published the predecessor collection to our 10th-anniversary All Hands On collection. All Hands On: A THE2NDHAND Reader collected the best of the broadsheet and online magazine’s first four years foraying into the literary world, centered in those days in large part in Chicago’s vibrant lit scene. The books features an introduction by Canadian writer and independent publisher Jim Munroe, and stories by dozens of writers, from Joe Meno to the magazine’s editor to stalwarts of those early years such as Joe Jarvis, Eric Graf, Germania Solorzano and many more.

Or mail a check for $12, made out to Todd Dills, to THE2NDHAND c/o Todd Dills, 1430 Roberts Ave., Nashville, TN 37206.

Praise for All Hands On:
Like placing your ear beside some kind of magical, future radio and listening to the shocking world of the strange and new…. ALL HANDS ON, an anthology of new work and old, features the best of the magazine and a look at what may stand as the underground lit world’s most interesting contemporary writing. –Punk Planet

THE2NDHAND has been the most exciting literary vessel in Chicago, opening a comfortably padded room for the anecdotal fiction writers and the experimental tale-spinners to play together where no one will get hurt. Read through this collection of four years worth of stories, and you’ll see the line between the two isn’t as clear as all that. And in the way the strongest species survive, it would seem the cross-pollination that happened over the years has strengthened both sides. –

THE2NDHAND is really about writing…. This is in many ways better thanMcSweeney’s, and in many more ways better than McDonalds. –Roctober

THE2NDHAND is at the direct center of the underground writing scene in Chicago.” –Chicago Tribune

THE2NDHAND might be a true heartbreaking work of staggering genius, and unlike McSweeney’s, you might be able to afford this one. –Clamor

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