From literary New South yarn to end-of-days dirge, buoyant realism and slapstick satire, the tapestry of style and genre in the 14 collected short stories in Triumph of the Ape screams with themes of American folly. Written over the first decade of the 21st century, the stories reach back into the past of the author’s native South Carolina — and forward into a grim future where love — and no shortage of laughter — nonetheless remain humanity’s best hopes. THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills is also the author of a novel, Sons of the Rapture (Featherproof Books 2006), and editor of two collections — All Hands On (2004 and 2011, both available direct via THE2NDHAND here and here, respectively). Today, Dills lives and writes in Nashville, Tenn.

The collection is available both in print ($12) and first-edition eBook ($7.99), published by THE2NDHAND via the Smashwords service and in the Kindle platform, in the following formats (also find them in proprietary stores via your eReader):
KindleiBook,  Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo and others (.epub), LRF (for older Sony Readers), .PDF for PCs and Palm Doc (.pdb).

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Fiction Writers Review interview feature, “A journey to find your place,” with Todd Dills

Vol 1. Brooklyn “Death in Hammond” short featured
Cabildo Quarterly No. 4 “Z’s Trinity” short featured 
Vol 1. Brooklyn “Like a fusion of Barry Hannah and Touch & Go Records.”
BadatSports “…the guys with Morrissey haircuts actually want to be Morrissey, or at least wistfully sensitive and sexy and queering like Morrissey. They are not lazy shadows; these characters talk about race and God and money in their own voices, not as cyphers…” 
HTML Giant “…the existential yearnings of youth, the ire of smart, but directionless, manchildren…” 
decomP “…that frustratingly unshakable force, the hegemony of the other side — the inside — that recurs throughout this book. ‘WE ARE OUT HERE,’ those lesser primates, the Stupidist writers, proclaim. They are outside this restrictive, oppressive world. Or they want, in their petty protests, to pretend to be…”
THE2NDHAND No. 37 “The Stupidist Manifesto” featured

From the Afterword by Spencer Dew:
Triumph reads, as a whole, like a book might if written by a man who finally, reaching the beach, realizes the bits of wreckage half buried in the sand are everything that mattered, the places of dreams and opportunity. The damn dirty apes win….” 

Advance praise for Triumph of the Ape:
A tremendous collection! Triumph of the Ape outlines the highs and lows of comically self-conscious young men bumming around the free, modern world, armed only with mind, heart and humor. These stories are bursting with warmth and smart lovin’. Reading Todd Dills makes life -– all of it –- feel a little bit kinder. –Patrick Somerville, author of The Cradle

Triumph is dauntless, daring in its variety of tones and styles, a kind of taunt to the new century and all its ongoing crises. There’s the spirited, Southern slant of the Barry-Hannah-esque “Color of Magic” and “Confederate Yankee…,” and elsewhere, the author’s ongoing interest in forms, especially the itinerary, shifts toward the collection’s centerpiece, an imagining of the development of a underground literary movement around a “Stupidist Manifesto.” Realism, noir, short short -– from lascivious to hilarious –- the range of styles culminates with one-part music essay, one-part end-of-days fabulism, in the closing sound track to the coming Rapture. Again and again, there’s invention, Dills’ inexhaustible gift for language and tireless imagination. –Joe Meno, author of The Great Perhaps, Hairstyles of the Damned

Every story in Triumph of the Ape reveals characters “united in stupidity, not necessarily dumb or incapable of love but senseless with self-love,” typical of Dills’ weirdly entertaining Faulkner-in-the-city touches. Perhaps no other working writer has so benefited from living in two very distinct environments, first the South, then years in Chicago, then back to the South, with countless time spent on the road to here, there and everywhere. Dills deals in lore for apes triumphant in the downfall. He once again proves himself a master of tradition gone haywire in a country addicted to its own mythology, supplying the antidote with his 21st-century folklore. –Paul A. Toth, author of Airplane Novel

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  1. I cannot get the ‘add to cart to work for me; I wish to buy your book. SUS

    Susan Felts
    • Coding error, Susan. I see my mistake — and have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know. Should be functional now. -Todd

      Todd Dills

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