THE2NDHAND no. 36.1, featuring Joe Meno

It’s been 20 broadsheets and six years since Joe Meno, once a regular in THE2NDHAND’s sheets, has appeared therein. No surprise for the hiatus, really, given since then he’s put out two shorts collections and at least as many novels, in addition to becoming a father. But: our latest broadsheet features a new story that’s also part of our 10th-anniversary All Hands On collection, due within a month. Order the book and find more information about it here.

As for the new Meno joint, it’s called “In the Avenues of Airplanes and Paper,” captures the struggles of a young woman attempting to deal with a compulsive habit she has of putting “air quotes” around near everything she says — to the point, for instance, that she wears mittens on a date.

Within the peculiarity of it all Meno finds — and the protagonist locates as well, inside and outside of her self — ┬áthe very essence of what it is to be human.

Take a look at it on the broadsheet’s main page or click through the front-side image below for a pdf:


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