NERVES OF STEEL back Aug. 2 @ Hungry Brain, Chicago

Nerves is back at the Brain August 2 w/ host Harold Ray and house band Good Evening. And:

Bad Bad Badness by Jesus Angel Garcia, author of the novel badbadbad.

Dr. Huckleberry Persimmon Explains Very Little for You
Dr. Persimmon made a deal with a demon to have brilliant thoughts. Unfortunately, he didn’t specify “significant” or “useful,” and things therefore haven’t really worked out. Now he’s got just 44 thoughts left before it’s time to pay up. By Mark Chrisler
Starring Brian Nemtusak and Kevlyn Hayes

Appalachian Antics by Jay Hill & Richie Ray Gene Bull Tipton (vets of our W.Va. edition from June)

Punk, Suffering (w/ Banjo) by writer Chris Terry

w/ Backup Dancers in Tim Jones Yelvington

& Piano Musics by Azita Youseffi

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