Revisiting Doug Milam's 'Future History'

A quick mind-control experiment, here, if you could.

1. Read H.P. Albarelli Jr.’s June “Strange Story of Sally Hartman” at the Truthout site, about a purported case of a U.S. government employee turned CIA MKULTRA guinea pig. The piece ends with a rather ominous anonymous bit of quoting from an intelligence source about the world post-9/11, about the potential need for a “miracle” of mass mental influence to reprogram terrorists and their sympathizers worldwide. . .

2. Now read THE2NDHAND contributor Doug Milam’s excellent “Future History of How It Is,” published in 2003 at the T2H site as the Iraq War really got off the ground and American civic pride was, at least in my neighborhood, at one of its major low points.

3. Post your thoughts about the connections between one and two in the comments here. Who’s controlling whom?

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