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Mickey Hess

Questions from alt.lefthander
Answers from sci.skeptic

What does being left-handed mean?

If we take them seriously, so will other people. We must ridicule their ideas so that others will see how silly they are.

In fencing (sword fighting), what makes left-handers successful?

There is no reason to treat these people seriously. Anyone with half an ounce of sense can see that their ideas are completely bogus. Time spent trying to "understand their ideas" and "examine their evidence" beyond that necessary for debunking is wasted time, and life is short.

Do Lefties die younger than right-handers?

If you have such an idea, remember that the burden of proof is on you. It should be noted that the Catholic church does investigate alleged miracles.

Where can I acquire left-handed guitars?

Leaving aside the fact that astrology doesn't work (see above), gravity is simply too weak to do this. Don't expect it to be easy. If it was, we would have them every week.

Why is left-handedness considered something sinister?

It is certainly true that ideas from outside the mainstream of science can have a hard time getting established. People who have failed to convince skeptics often say "Well all skeptics are just closed-minded bigots who won't listen to me!" This is not true.

And the reverse:
Questions from sci.skeptic
Answers from alt.lefthander

But doesn't the human body seem to be well designed?

An emphatic NO to this. The problem most lefthanders have is that the world is configured for right handed people. Lefties, in the act of accommodating to this opposite world, may appear awkward.

What harm does it do anyway?

Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of respect. Many Right-Handed Bowlers don't respect Left-Handed Bowlers because they feel that the accomplishments of Left-Handed Bowlers are tainted because of the unfair advantage of easier, more consistent bowling conditions than what Right-Handed Bowlers (often) get.

The oil companies are conspiring to suppress my invention!

The Dyslexics seem to think so.