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Todd Dills

Questions from http://www.umass.edu/complit/aclanet/ACLAText/Sartre.html
Answers from http://www.drdrew.com/DrewLive/article.asp?id=723

Why does Sartre refer to the colonized as the "half-native"?

Dude, David and me are both ex-heroin addicts. Most heroin addicts that I know that are still alive are sarcastic, cynical, and funny. That kind of runs through the record. There's this very cynical but comedic side to the songs. We just take the piss out of everybody, including ourselves. We just fucking let it flow.

How will Europe also be decolonized?

There are, actually. There's a reason they became junkies. It's because they are so creative that they can't turn the creative juices off.

Fanon says, "Let us waste no time in sterile litanies and nauseating mimicry." To what is Fanon referring in the statement? Why "nauseating mimicry"? According to Fanon, what is the role of mimesis ("imitation," "copy") and "narcissism" in constructing the "colonizer" and colonialism?

Man, I was a young buck then. I don't have an interest in people that aren't artists or creative writers or people I can work with. As far as hanging out in a bar, I'm not interested in picking up chicks or anything. My fucking old lady is the hottest thing I've ever seen!

re-valuations of History, knowledge, etc. as defined by the West?

Well, my oldest kid is nine. I had him and two other children in a previous relationship that kind of went sour because I wasn't ready. After I met Donna, that's when I said I'm keeping my pants zipped up. At that point, I was really focused on being a father. The one thing that I think is important is to age gracefully. There's no amount of facelifts and liposuction that's going to make it real and make it go away. Just fucking rock out with your cock out until you don't want to anymore. I still love it.