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Mickey Hess

Questions from alt.gothic
Answers from alt.locksmithing

What does gothic music sound like?

Pick gun delivers sharp blow to bottom pin.

I'm new, what should I do now?

Easy: Get a car jack and jack it apart. Careful, otherwise it is very possible that you'll damage the bike.

Are there any good goth clubs in [fill in city]?

I used to have a "Club", purchased on the recommendation of a coworker. The first time I tried picking it, it took me approximately 30 seconds, using the cap of a Papermate Flexgrip pen for tension, and a bent jumbo paperclip to rake the pins. With practice, I was able to reliably pick every "Club" I encountered in 5-30 seconds using these tools.

However, it doesn't really matter, no car thief is going to pick it, they are going to cut the soft plastic steering wheel with a hacksaw or bolt cutters and slip the Club off.

It has also been claimed that the Club can be broken if you grab it with both hands, put your feet on the dashboard, and push with your legs and pull with your arms as hard as you can. Be sure to wear gloves!

What has Anne Rice written?

The Complete Book of Locks & Locksmithing, 4th ed. McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1995 ISBN 0-07-049866-0 $24.95 (Paper) USA

And another one: Professional Locksmithing Techniques, 2nd Edition TAB Books/McGraw-Hill 1996 ISBN 0-07-049867-9 (Paper) $36.95 (Paper)

So what does the word "goth" mean?

Means that the possessor can have a bit of an uphill battle and has to convince the jury that this 'prima facie evidence' is misleading. Places where it *is* illegal to carry lock picks: The District of Columbia, New York State and Illinois. New Jersey law appears to make these illegal if they can work motor vehicle locks. There may be many other places as well.

What do you have against Marilyn Manson?

The fact is that a nominally flawed product does provide adequate security against the unmotivated and ignorant who are the primary folks attacking physical security systems (as opposed to the motivated and clueful who attack electronic security and can do it from a distance without physical presence).

What is a Goth?

As Joe K. put it succinctly, "On one side there are the idealists who believe that even weak security should not be further compromised without good reason; on the other there are those who believe that weak locks should be forced out of the market. There's never going to be agreement here...."