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Mike Smith

Questions from "Nevada Legal Prostitution FAQ"
Answers from "Thru-Hiking FAQ"

Why haven't I heard of these legal brothels before?

You probably did! Bill Irwin hiked the Trail with his dog, Orient, in 1990. You can read about it in his book Blind Courage: Journey of Faith, available from the ATC or see a video about his amazing accomplishment.

Fine. But how do I find out where the other brothels are?

The odds are probably in your favor if you have a certain amount of experience under your belt before attempting a thru-hike. But, you can also read about people like Joe and Sandy Bush....

You mean I have to wear a raincoat?

Most definitely. Water-borne diseases including giardiasis, tick-borne diseases including Lyme Disease, in addition to possibilities of falls, stress fractures, dehydration, etc.

How about the business end?

While there are no fees involved for hiking the Trail, it ends up costing between $2000-4500. This would include books and maps, transportation to the trailhead, food, occasional lodging, occasional restaurant meals, etc. And then of course you will need to have proper equipment.