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BIRMINGHAM ARTWALK 2008 "mixtape" story contest
NOTE: Deadline extended to July 15.

On the occasion of the 2008 Birmingham Artwalk Festival, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 5 and 6, downtown, THE2NDHAND brings the "mixtape" reading south. We invite Birmingham- and/or area-based writers to send prose contest entries that are based on a song. Be sure to specify the song, and keep the story under three double-spaced pages (about the length of a song, read aloud). All contest entrants will be considered for participation in our Friday, Sept. 5, reading attendendant to Artwalk, and the ultimate winner will get a cash prize of $100 and publication in the Artwalk edition of THE2NDHAND. Deadline: June 30, 2008.

***Send entries in a word document or rtf file to: todd@the2ndhand.com. For "mixtape" story examples check out our archive of stories from prior events at the2ndhand.com/mixtape/mixtape.html.

***Alternately, post to:

Todd Dills, Editor & Publisher
4038 Clairmont Ave.
Birmingham, AL 35222

For more info call 205-323-8037.

The following call for entries was posted in April of 2007. We now have decided on a winner of the contest and will be announcing said winner shortly. Stay tuned for more on the festivities.


The evening of Friday, September 7, THE2NDHAND, Birmingham and Chicago’s print and online literary magazine, will host a reading in downtown Birmingham featuring four showcased authors in conjunction with Birmingham’s Art Walk festival and juried show -- at least one of those authors will be chosen by competition, taking entries through June 30. Birmingham- or area-based authors send work that

1) amounts to 2,500 words or less in length and
2) you will be comfortable performing for an audience.

Winners will receive a $100 cash award, be published in a special Art Walk edition of THE2NDHAND, and participate in the September 7 reading, with published authors from around the country. Please limit submissions to one or two stories per author. Join us.

Stories can be sent via e-mail to todd@the2ndhand.com in a double-spaced Word document or comparable file. Alternately, post to

Todd Dills, Editor & Publisher
1827 1st Avenue N #301
Birmingham, AL 35203

For more info call 205-323-8037.

Be sure to include all pertinent contact information with each story -- both in the document and in the body of your e-mail. Submissions will be accepted through June 30.

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