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Featherproof Books

THE2NDHAND considers prose submissions of less than 2500 words (though certain of us have also been known to enjoy reading short dramas) for inclusion in its online magazine. We've moved lately toward a single-author format for our print version, and most of those editions are sewn up months in advance. If you have a story that will fill one (4000 words, give or take), and feel that it's particularly worthy, send it to Editor Todd Dills at todd@the2ndhand.com. For stories in our print version, we pay between $75 and $300, depending on the availability of grant money.

Otherwise, send your shorter submission to the online magazine in a word document saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and pasted in the body of an email to Todd Dills: todd@the2ndhand.com. We do not offer payment for our online version, though we may well ask you to join us for one of our frequent readings in the South and Midwest.

Finally, if your submission is an FAQ, please e-mail in the same format described above to FAQ Editor Mickey Hess.

Be sure to include all relevant contact info with your submission.

If you do not like using e-mail when sending your short bits of literature, you can mail paper to us via this address:

c/o Todd Dills
4038 Clairmont Ave.
Birmingham, AL 35222